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style shoot

Experience a day of elegance and creativity on August 1st. Capture stunning images across three unique stations, featuring vintage rooftop vibes, charming street scenes, and whimsical picnic setups. Reserve your spot today and collaborate with top vendors to create unforgettable content. Spaces are limited!

bridgerton x raleigh downtown

Discover the Magic of the Bridgerton x Modern Raleigh Style Shoot

In collaboration with Amore Planning Co., we're bringing you a day of elegance and creativity with our unique style shoot. Join us on August 1st for an unforgettable experience, featuring three meticulously designed photography stations:

  1. Rooftop Romance: Capture stunning views and vintage vibes with a chic rooftop setup. Perfect for couples and fashion shots, this station brings together the allure of urban elegance and classic romance.

  2. Vintage Street Charm: Embrace the charm of vintage-inspired street scenes with Bridgeton-inspired outfits and accessories. This station offers a perfect blend of historical elegance and modern street photography.

  3. Whimsical Picnic Tea Party: Delight in a whimsical setup ideal for best friends and couples. Featuring pastel colors, elegant desserts, and charcuterie boards, this station creates a dreamy atmosphere for capturing memorable moments.

Secure your spot today and collaborate with top-tier vendors to create stunning content that will enchant your audience. Spaces are limited, so reserve your seat now!

PRICE - $250 (Per Person)

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