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20th February, 2024
10 am EST


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Workshop Details

This photography workshop will allow you to learn basics of food photography from start to end process.


Our workshop will include variety of teaching formats

  • Presentation - Here we will teach you the concepts with picture examples.

  • LIVE Demo - Here you will see how we use simple products, backgrounds and props to style the food. We will also learn how we edit them after that.

  • Q&A - We will focus on one on one queries and feedback as needed with a chance for you to practice this at home.

Hooray - now offering One on One workshops!!
For one on one private masterclass - 3 hour detailed workshop
Please sign up below and we will get in touch with you soon...
Dark & Moody pictures,
Dark photography lighting,
One week for text assistance after the session, etc
with a choice of recreating - 2 of my photographs in
LIVE Photoshoot session along with LIVE editing.

Ideal for

  • Food Bloggers

  • Food critics

  • Chef

  • Restaurant Owners

  • New photographer

  • New blogger

  • Influencers

  • Small business owners who has a product for sale

  • Content creators for brand

  • Foodies

  • Freelancer

  • Hobby

What people are saying


Just atteneded Harsha Sipani's session on food/ product photography. It was great. The session was all about food styling, lighting, camera angles, editing, etc. Lot of information for beginners like me. She showed us her setup and did a quick product shoot to show us how she does it her way. Brill.

Sowbarnika, UK

Thank you Harsha, for wonderful session. Really enjoyed and learnt a lot of tips. Now I can improve my food photography and my videos too.

Nidhi Bengani, INDIA


The best photographer with amazing talent. The class was so informative...Keep up the good work Harsha

Sandhya, USA

Harsha is great in her photo editing skills. I attended her basic photo editing workshop and loved the way she explained every detail. I highly recommend her for any photo editing needs.

Saritha Ayyappan, USA

LD-Export (2).jpg

I took the food/ product photography workshop - BASICS and was immediately impressed by Harsha’s enthusiasm for both photography and teaching it. This energy was infectious and all 8 of us were raring to learn and practice this in our own fields.
In Basics she pretty much covered all topics. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who loves to take photographs or owns a product/service.

Preety Uniyal, USA

Harsha's workshop is very informative with pro tips for beginners. she gave me a live food photography session, also taught me how to setup my camera settings, lighting, background and how to create a food story. Just in 30mins. Guess what?? she takes all her pictures with an iPhone. That's the amazing part right? Attaching a picture of mine which I took after her photography session. Keep up the great work harsha! Long way to go!!

Sumasri Munigela, USA

A Woman Wearing a Sun Hat

It was an amazing experience . Learnt lots of photography tips and techniques. She is so kind to share her backdrop ideas. On the whole it was awesome

Meera Priyadarsshini, INDIA

If you are looking for a power packed class and improve your photography skills, you have just found one of the best options out there. Harsha covered all the various aspects involved with photography. She also did a live photoshoot along with adjusting props and filters to highlight the difference by making small changes. All using a phone! Highly recommend her workshops.

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