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Budget Friendly Photography Equipment for Food/ Product Photography

Hey everyone! I am Harsha Sipani and I am a food and product photographer in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Today we will talk about the types of equipment that we use in food and product photography.

I currently ordered a Nikon Z5 camera with an FTZ adapter that goes with non Z lenses like I have 50 mm, 85 mm and 105 mm lenses. Since these are not Nikon Z lenses, I have an FTZ adapter that fits with my Nikon Z5 camera.

Initially, I invested in 2 flashlights - TT 600 that are compatible with my Nikon Z5. I made this investment in 2021 when I had no idea how to work with flashlights and all. I did some research and I found that using TT 600 was a much more affordable price and it could help to exclude pictures.

Eventually, I started a lot of Videography so I invested in continuous lights. Currently, I also have Godox sl60w and Godox fv 150. Apart from that I also have 2 portable free lights that I usually use for filming cinematography kind of product reels and videos.

Also, I have a few backdrops that I purchased Paradise and Club backdrops. They Are very easy to clean and portable. They are perfect for food and product photography.

The tripod that I use is neewer and these are very perfect as they get extended to a height that I need and it also gives me an option to do overhead shoots so well.

I hope this was helpful. Thank u all!


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